I decided to put a team together to produce a short film as part of Asheville’s 48 Hour Film Project. As it turns out, the entire team has ITP connections, so I thought it might be fun to share the finished result here. Not bad for our first attempt. Right? Humor me. http://youtu.be/_dUG4y94tzM

Made by Willie Repoley (ITP Producing Director), Ben Shirley (Cameraman for Dead Man’s Cell Phone promo), Nathan Shirley (Composer for It’s A Wonderful Life), Jessica Kammerud (Properties and/or SM for many shows), Todd Weakley (Vice Chair of ITP Board of Trustees), Nina Swann (Costume Designer for Shipwrecked), Alexa Hardy (ITP Managing Director), and Jared Stover (Sound Design for Shipwrecked, Circle Mirror Transformation).