This whole directing thing is harder than it looks. But I like it.

First off, let me update my last blog entry by saying that Rhyn had to end up taking a different job (ah, the life of a working actor!) which means we are welcoming Virginia Loan to our cast! She’s terrific as Theresa, and brings a great mix of New York energy and that SouthWest/Asheville independent, aerial artist vibe to the proceedings.

One of the other things I keep noticing is just how funny this script is. And almost never because of a “joke.” Which I sort of love, because it never threatens to become a Capital C Comedy. It is just a really funny, passionate observer of life. If plays have personalities, this one is like a friend you invite over frequently, just to sit and talk and laugh and moan and feel generally better about the whole world, even the miserable bits of it.

Which is to say, it has been a great first week.